7 Awesome Games To Play At The Beach
The best way to spend a summer day is at the beach. The sun shining down on you, the waves crashing against the shore, and the sand between your toes. The only way it could be better is if you had awesome games to play at the beach with.

Below we will look at seven awesome games which you can easily bring along to the beach with you.

1. Spikeball


Spikeball is a very fun game that can be played by anyone. It is a game of athleticism and quick reflexes. The ball is bounced off a net and the opposing team must not be able to return it. This game is best played with two teams of two people. Spikeball can be played on any surface, but it is best played on sand. The ball is about the size of a softball and is very lightweight, making it easy to transport to the beach.

2. Jumbo Checkers


Jumbo Checkers is the exact same game as the classic version except, well, jumbo. Making it difficult to lose game pieces in the sand, this larger version is a perfect beach pastime. Adhering to the same rules as the board game, Jumbo Checkers requires two players whose goal is to move all their game pieces from their side of the board to their opponents, jumping and knocking off the opposing player’s pieces along the way. Typically found with a roll-up, carpet-style playing board, Jumbo Checkers is an easily transportable game.

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3. Bocce Ball


Bocce ball is a game that originated in Italy and is now enjoyed by people all over the world. The game is similar to lawn bowling and can be enjoyed by two or more players. Players take turns rolling their bocce balls towards a target ball, called a pallino. The player who gets their ball closest to the pallino wins the round. Once the person or team reaches the agreed upon number of points, they are the winner of the game. Bocce ball is a great beach game, however, due to the weight of the balls, be sure to leave plenty of room to play the game safely.

Bocce Ball at the Beach

4. Ladder Toss


Ladder Toss is a game of excitement and definite skill. The goal of the game is to toss your bolas at the rungs of the ladder, in an attempt to wrap them around as many as possible. Points are awarded for each bola that is wrapped around a rung, with the player or team with the most points at the end of the game being the winner. The ladder is made from durable plastic and can be easily transported to and from the beach. There are three bolas included with each game, which are brightly coloured and easy to see.

5. Bucket Ball


A twist on the popular drinking game, Beer Pong, bucket ball is a fun beach game for any age. Much like Beer Pong, Bucket Ball is played by setting up 6 buckets in the shape of a triangle roughly 6 to 10 feet apart. Two to four players can play bucket ball, with four being divided into two teams. The object of the game is throw a ball from behind your buckets into the buckets on the opposite side. Once a bucket has been made, that bucket is then removed from the triangle. To win Bucket Ball, a player to team much sink the ball into each of the buckets before the other team. An easily transportable game, the buckets conveniently stack into each other with the ball fitting nicely inside.

Beach Bucket Ball

6. Kan Jam


A relatively newer game, Kan Jam was invented in 2006. The object of the game is to throw a Frisbee at a can and get it to stick. Generally, there are two teams with two players each who must work together in order to score points for their team. A point is scored when one player from the attacking team successfully throws a frisbee so that it sticks inside of their opponents can. The teammate on the opposite side is able to assist by knocking the frisbee into the can for two points, or simply hitting the can for one. If the thrower is able to get the frisbee in the top of the can unassisted it equals three points. Finally, if the frisbee is thrown through the slot on the front of the can, it is an automatic win for the throwers team. The point of the game is to be the first team to reach 21 points, however, make sure not to go over as your score will get knocked back down! Kan Jam is a convenient game as the cans can actually come apart and lie flat.

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7. Cornhole


A game that is generally associated with tailgating at sporting events and backyard bbq's, Cornhole can also be played at the beach. The object of the game is to get your bag beanbags in the hole of the board, which is generally set out 10 to 12 feet in front of you, or at the very least on the board. Players will receive three points if they are able to get their bag in the hole and one point to land on the board, with the first to 21 winning the game. Though the boards are quite big, it is still a fun and group friendly game as it can be played in teams.

Family outings to the beach should always be fun and memorable. It is important that no matter how old we get, our family vacations are filled with unforgettable memories of laughter and happiness. And what better way to create those lasting moments than by playing games at the beach? No matter if you are hitting the stunning beaches found in Miami, Florida or the white sand shores in Hilton Head, South Carolina, next time you're packing up your bag full of sunscreen and snacks, toss in a few beach games as well; it will make all the difference when it comes time to have some summertime fun.